Opportunity for your 13-18 students to apply to be an IGGY Junior Commissioner

IGGY is based at the University of Warwick and is an educational social network for gifted young people aged 13 – 18. They are running the ‘IGGY Junior Commission’ and will ask IGGY members to complete the following essay:

  • ‘What are the opportunities and challenges in letting students have open access to the Internet in school? How might the Internet change education over the next 10 years?’

IGGY will select, interview and recruit 10 students from all over the world to represent IGGY and carry out research on the Subject of ‘Education and the Internet’ this will be a year-long project in which they will visit the USA and the UK and collaborate online and in person to create guidelines for policymakers in Education and Technology. This is all funded by IGGY and The University of Warwick and is a fantastic opportunity for the ten students involved.

For details about the Junior Commissioner click here.

Deadline for the challenge is 1st December 2012 and entrants must be IGGY members.

For more information on how to register your students click here.


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